Smart Tips to Save Money When You Enter the Grocery Store

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Grocery Shopping

Grocery stores are cathedrals of consumerism. This is because they’ve the perfect marketing environment that encourages the consumers to spend more than required. Therefore, the consumers need to design their counter moves to resist the temptation of the marketers.

You need to be smart enough to complete your grocery shopping within 30 minutes. The longer you stay in the store, the more you’ll spend. According to the latest research, fast and well-organized shoppers are 82% less impulsive buyers than the average shoppers. So, preparing a shopping list from before can help you avoid splurging.

Here are some the effective tips that you need to consider when you plan for grocery shopping:

“Non Peak Days” shopping is a brilliant plan:

The prices of the products are usually high, especially on the busiest shopping days of the month. Therefore, avoid weekends, paydays and federal holidays for planning for your grocery shopping. If you visit the store on less busy days, then you can manage to get deals and prices. The departmental stores are less crowded on some specific days, so you can get products of your choice without getting into impulsive shopping. Therefore, you can give little extra time to think whether you require the items you find in the store.

Find products with longer expiry dates:

When you visit a departmental store for grocery shopping. Most of the store helpers may try to push products that may soon expire. These “soonest to expire” products are usually kept on the front row to push the old stocks out. Make sure you buy products that have longest expiry date as it can help you buy more time to consume the product. Therefore, you won’t consume the product fast to avoid wasting it. In order to buy fresh stuffs, make sure you buy them from large and busy stores since their product turnover is high.

Don’t wait for the next deal:

If you find good deal on products like soap, shampoo, deodorant and toothpastes, then don’t hesitate to spend money on them. These are some of the products that you need on a regular basis and don’t have to pay full price on them. Therefore, if you buy extra stuffs on good deal, you can manage to save on the grocery bill next month.

Use vouchers while shopping:

Use your discount vouchers while shopping as this can help you save considerable amount of money. Make sure you organize in different categorize and clip the vouchers. This can help you save time while using them in the respective store’s cash counter. You can check the voucher websites in order to get the best deal in the grocery store.

Buy cheap meat cuts:

Instead of buying a bulk of meat, you can opt for cheap meat cuts. You can us the meat stock for soup and the meat for your sandwich filling. You can use the cheap meat cuts for your homemade broth or prepare healthy stew for the kids. This can help you save considerable amount of money when compared with the premium cuts.

Don’t buy vegetables, rather grow them:

It may sound weird, but it’s one of the feasible options to cut on your grocery bill. You need to devote some extra time in order to utilize your backyard kitchen garden to grow vegetables like celery, carrots, peas, coriander and so on. You don’t need a farm house to grow a few vegetables that you need to buy everyday. Therefore, you can manage to save considerable amount of money over time.

Therefore, you need to keep the above mentioned tips in mind when you plan to save money on your grocery bill.


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