How to Get Paid for Retail Shopping and Keep Free Products

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Retail ShoppingShoppers can be seen everywhere. Surveys suggest that at night, about 25% of a city’s population is out shopping in night malls, mini-stores and supermarkets. Cocaine, heroin, and joints are illegal substances that people develop an addiction to. But one legal thing that many more people, especially women, get addicted to is shopping. Both women and men can develop an addiction to shopping, and like to go shopping simply as a hobby.

Shoppers always look for places where they can get their desired product for cheap or on sale. That is because if they save on a product, they can use what they save to buy another product. And keeping this in mind, a phenomenon called “mystery shopping” has been growing in popularity. This phenomenon is a way of testing the staff of a shop/business by using undercover shoppers. Mystery shopping agencies pay you to browse through a store, look for a product, buy that product (at someone else’s cost) and interact with the staff.

Paid retail shopping, or “mystery shopping” is a method implemented by employers and companies to test the level of service they are providing. To fully explain, employers either directly hire mystery shoppers themselves; or hire a 3rd party company (agency) who will do the job for them. These 3rd party companies already have employees that mystery shop on a regular basis. The mystery shoppers are given tasks such as going into stores, exploring them, looking for specific products, inquiring about them, buying it at either the company’s cost or their own and interacting with the staff.

All the responses from the staff are then recorded and reviewed before a summarised report can be made. The final report is then submitted to the business owner, so that they can see for themselves how their employees react to shoppers and their questions.

This is a great way to earn some extra cash on a part-time basis.By doing just this, you will soon be entitled to paychecks from the mystery shopping agency. All you have to do is to register with a verified and trustworthy company, “mystery shop” on their terms and you’ll be paid after you reach a certain threshold. In the process, you will also be trying out new products, reviewing them and providing feedback of their advantages and disadvantages. This is one of the easiest ways to earn money because you don’t lose anything except time (which would be spent shopping anyway). You get to go on shopping trips, keep free products and best of all – they pay you to do what you always do.

This is the dream job for addictive shoppers and students who like to wander in malls and stores in their spare time. These jobs are also easy to apply for and easy to get appointed to. As an additional bonus; there is no workplace politics and competition is minimal.

For more information on mystery shopping check out the following page


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