Space Making, Money Saving Tips

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It’s a busy, cluttered world – and space is at a premium. The way we organise the world around us not only makes life more ordered and enjoyable, it can also help save/make money too:
Sell Items Online:
Our household storage areas are often full to overflowing with things we never use anymore (61% of people questioned in a Big Yellow Self Storage survey admitted to hoarding useless items around the house) and selling them online can free this up. Take a little time to make your photographs look professional and be sure to accurately calculate postage costs.
Create a Home Office:Create a Home Office

Most start-ups have begun at home, but now many professionals are relocating to a home office to cut down on travel and rent costs. Clear a room by selling items on eBay or putting your possessions in storage – a professional cleaning service can help too.

Use Storage To Prepare Your House For A Sale:

Use Storage To Prepare Your House For A Sale

Making your home inviting to a potential buyer can really help the sale and almost every home shows better with less furniture. Harness attic and basement storage – potential buyers will check cupboards and you don’t want to overcrowd them – or use short term self storage.

Don’t Pay For Software:

Why spend money on Office Word and Excel, when Google offers a free suite of online documents that allows real-time collaboration and comes with free storage.

Upload Your Documents:

Buy a scanner to help upload any paper documents to the “cloud” and save space. If you have a Smartphone, there are several scanner apps you can use.

Rent Out A Spare Room:

A great way to earn extra money is to get a lodger in. Getting the junk out and a long term tenant in can really help with mortgage payments and household costs. Sell items on eBay or use a storage facility to help declutter a room.

Consider Short Term Lets Around Events:

Not all of us want to share our home with a stranger long term – so short lets can be a great compromise and prove highly lucrative. The first step is to investigate local events that bring in out-of-town visitors. There are many specialist websites that offer free accommodation listings for events so check in your location.


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