Children’s Activities that Won’t Cost the Earth

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Summer holidays, half terms and of course weekends are the precious times that you get to spend quality time with your children. Of course keeping them entertained and allowing them to take part in a wide variety of activities for their fun and learning benefits does tend to push the budget, especially during school holidays.

Fortunately there is a wealth of free or low cost resources, ideas and purchases that will help you enjoy your together time fully without the bitter after-taste that comes with a hefty credit card bill or a blown budget.

Art and Craft
Arts and CraftsWhether your children are two or twelve there is an art and craft project to keep them occupied. Use Pinterest and children’s art and craft websites for inspiration and tailor projects to their likes and personalities. Your five year old will adore making a space ship or fairy castle out of cereal boxes and your early teen will love scientific or “cool” experiments or projects. Art and craft materials are sometimes quite costly however the bulk of the materials could come from the household recycling and most of the rest can be sourced from 99p stores or similar. Don’t be tempted to pay over the odds for art materials that cost pennies elsewhere just because they are a certain brand; your kids won’t care what brand they are provided they do the job.

Get Outside

There is little that is more fun (or cheaper) than adventuring in the great outdoors. Pack a picnic and explore your local area, look up the Forestry Commission for local forests with special walks that you may enjoy, do tree rubbings, collect sticks (for later art projects!) or simply get your wellington boots on, go out and jump in the puddles. Free, healthy and fun.

There are also a great number of museums and attractions which will help tick the educational portion of your “must-do” list and which will keep the children, and you occupied for hours.

Topical Fun
Choose a topic and enjoy fun activities around it. If choosing “France” you could learn a few French words, enjoying making and eating French food, learn about famous local people, draw the Eiffel tower, watch a film based in the area and decorate a room with French flags and pictures relevant to the topic. Something like this is great fun, again educational and packed with cheap and easy activities.


The humble board game seems to have been pushed to one side in recently years with children being more likely to be using apps and consoles. Why not rekindle the love of playing games together by unearthing the Hungry Hippos, Scrabble or Monopoly type games that are hidden in the attic or enjoy putting jigsaws together as a family? Games and jigsaws are often easy to find in charity shops for just a few pounds and are a great way to spend the time.

There is no reason why keeping the children amused should cost the earth. Do a little forward planning and enjoy your weekends and holidays to the fullest without worrying about your finances.

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A fan of all things frugal himself, Darryn Lewis appreciates a bargain and is pleased to be able to utilise his skills to enable others to save money on a regular basis. Combining his love of all things bargain related with this online experience to produce his own popular discount voucher site.


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